Annual Report

We achieve more by coming together and the Haitian saying “Ansanm Nou Rive Pi Lwen” – “Together We Reach Further” is a message that we live by. Check out our new annual report - 

Dear Team GOALS,

As I looked out at our community, with their joyful celebration during our recent 8-year anniversary, it was with a sense of pride and accomplishment for the progress we have made together.

Our work is community driven and motivated by the needs of each community. Soccer is the spark that brings our kids to the field to learn, play and grow. Each child is a force yearning for change and opportunity. They look for ways that they can engage and contribute to the wellbeing of their families and communities. Our programs provide that outlet.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff of program managers, coaches and teachers that all contribute to the education and mentorship of our participants.

Our Board of Directors gives of their time and resources to ensure that we are making an impact and being accountable stewards of the organization. We always keep our vision in mind and use it as a compass as we forge ahead.

It is our caring community of donors who our work’s momentum going. That support goes a long way in rural Haiti. It is making a difference in lives daily and ultimately driving generational change.

I have been working in Haiti for over 16 years, ever since I went there as a Peace Corps volunteer and I have worked with many organizations over the years. I can say for certain that Team GOALS is special. It is with honor that I continue the vision of our founder and lead our path forward.

Kathy McAllister

Executive Director