Community service is a core part of GOALS’ work in Haiti.



Community service and volunteerism are values that we want the kids in our programs to embrace. In order to be a part of Team GOALS kids give back to their communities through local development projects that involve players’ families and adults in the area. Service projects include litter removal, beach clean up, small infrastructure improvements such as painting structures and canal maintenance. There are also activities and events organized for children younger than 10 years old, and players who don’t yet have places on local GOALS teams. GOALS teams often fulfill their community service requirement by conducting community outreach programs for local adults and children.

Each team participates in weekly activities such as field clean up but also organize 2 big projects a year. Each team captain along with their team decide what project they want to accomplish and then they propose a plan with their coach to execute it. It teaches them about problem solving, identifying a local need and the steps needed to solve that issue. By working together they are empowered to engage in community development and learn a love of giving back.

The Dream Team scholarship program, which also requires community service participation, often works on local projects and events to make an impact in neighborhoods as well. Past events include a soccer tournament to promote Global Handwashing Day, organizing community planting parties for household vegetable gardens, and “Kid days,” called Jounée Timoun, which seek to engage local elementary school children in the S-3 model of soccer, community service, and educational activities. Current community service focuses on health education and disease prevention through interactive workshops.


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