In communities where GOALS works, earning a spot on an official team is the biggest hope of many children.




GOALS soccer teams are an ideal way for supporters to engage with youth in Haiti and help them change their lives today while building a better future for their communities tomorrow.

We currently have 2 teams that need sponsorships. These children come to practice daily, but lack the materials and support needed to participate in (and benefit from) our unique programs. 

A donation of $18,000 will sponsor a team of 25 players for one year, providing equipment, food, water, game day transportation, and a coaching stipend. Equally important, the sponsorship will provide the materials needed for players to do community service and attend educational seminars each week. This is a fun, simple, and effective way that children grow into leaders, both on and off the field. Half-sponsorships and player sponsorships are also much appreciated. 


be involved WITH the team you sponsor

In exchange for sponsoring a GOALS team, you may choose to:

  • Pick the team of your choice (girls or boys; elementary, middle, or high-school aged)

  • Choose the teams’ service projects, which will be conducted in your name

  • Receive updates on their progress throughout the year

Click here for more detailed information on sponsoring teams. (PDF download)