A Clean Field



Since our inception, the environment and raising awareness around issues affecting it has been a focus of our work. By educating the youth on the importance of protecting the environment and involving them in solutions in their communities they become the next generation of stewards.

We focus on 2 main areas which includes recycling and planting:


In each of our sites we started a recycling program where kids pick up plastic waste in and around their field. It was so popular that it expanded to other areas in their community. The kids collect the plastic waste and sort it so it can be processed. We partner with 4Ocean who collects the bagged plastic and processes it at their recycling center in Port Au Prince. In a country where waste management is not yet a given this collaboration is keeping our communities cleaner and keeping plastic from washing into the ocean through waterways and rivers. Last year alone kids collected 15,000 pounds of plastic waste.


Kids are learning about planting and caring for a garden through our classes with a local agronomist. We have 3 community gardens that the kids plant and tend to. They also started a tree nursery and learned about caring for tree seedlings. Once the seedlings were big enough to plant the kids transferred the trees to local areas that were hit hard by hurricane Matthew. It is rewarding to see the kids giving back and learning to value the environment. They have planted a total of 3,000 trees and their gardens are producing zucchini, peppers, eggplant and papaya.


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