Our programs use soccer to foster healthy growth and engage kids in community activities that improves their daily quality of life.



Core programs include the GOALS’ “S-3" sport-for-development model for local soccer clubs in Haiti which focuses on Soccer, Education through School and Seminars and Community Service. These programs are designed to develop leadership skills, spark long-term change, and promote equality in impoverished communities.

GOALS focuses on rural areas where no other non-profit, private, or government services are available. The needs in these areas are severe with no electrify or running water. Internal assessments show that 80% of our players’ parents are unemployed. Nearly a third of GOALS youth cannot afford to attend public school. Violence is an ever-present risk and gender bias and inequality is high. Malnutrition, malaria, dengue, dysentery and cholera are an ongoing risk of daily life. In terms of health, education, and opportunities, Haiti is one of the most challenging places in the world to grow up.

We have aligned ourselves with the development goals of improving good health and well-being, gender equality, quality education and reducing poverty.

In a country devastated by a history of natural and political disasters, where development problems seem insurmountable, soccer has the potential to bring people together to create simple solutions with big results. Even better, it can be fun!


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