Literacy Class 2.0

The new class for level 1 literacy in Destra

We are pleased to announce the start of our new season of literacy classes in Destra, bringing important literary skills to 53 kids who otherwise would be left behind.

This year we are continuing with our level 1 literacy class which welcomed 23 new students coming to school for the first time. Plus, thanks to a generous grant from the Common Goal initiative we have added a level 2 course for 30 graduates from our level 1 program. An important step for these kids to continue their education.

GOALS staff distributed books and school materials to the boys and girls who now can learn to read, write and count without the stigma of having never attended school.

Education is key and we are proud of our supporters who have taken the initiative to support our children to have access to it.

In Destra, a marginalized area outside the town of Leogane, schools do not exist. The illiteracy rate is high, and we are working to change that. Our Beyond Sport award winning Leveling the Playing Field Literacy program takes into consideration children who are cut off from attending traditional schools.  With a focus on directed learning that is taught in their native language (Haitian Creole), it's our hope to enhance their knowledge and help them feel proud of the new skills they are acquiring.

The new class was welcomed by Jean Kendy, our Operations Director and Carl-Henry, our new Program Director. Each shared some thoughts about these classes, encouraging them to engage fully in the process. Carl-Henry spoke of the need for children and adolescents to have dreams and he highlighted that the way to success starts with education. Through education they can realize their potential.

The class includes two girls with disabilities integrated in our programs. Inclusion is an important part of our work and we want to ensure that we do not have anyone left behind.

Through these angelic faces and charming smiles, we see hope and a bright future where each child can learn and achieve.  Learning is the foundation for them to go after their dreams and create a stronger healthier community.  This in turn will alleviate the cycle of generational poverty. It is what we are working for by implementing programs in these rural areas.  Ketia, a 17-year-old girl summed it up  well: “With this program I will have the chance to learn. Without it I would be involved in other activities, and possibly negative things instead of learning. Now I can fill my time by doing good for myself.”