LAST CHANCE! Can you help GOALS win $50,000?

What would you do if you won $5000? Or even $50,000? Would you use it to help a friend in need? Save some for the future? Do something nice for yourself? That’s what we would do!

In partnership with Crowdrise and Life is Good, GOALS has a one-time opportunity to win $5000 (and up to ($50,000!), by getting as many $10 donations as possible from our network of dedicated supporters -- that's you!

There's just a handful of organizations competing in this challenge, so we have good odds of winning. But we need the help of every single one of our supporters.

Can you help us make it happen? Here's how:

  1. Check out the GOALS "Life is Good" Challenge. Pitch in $10.
  2. Share the link on Facebook and tag 10 friends to challenge them to donate $10 too. Or, tag 9 friends and 1 enemy...we don't mind.
  3. Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself by browsing GOALS' inspiring Facebook photos to see how your $10 is used to support kids and communities in Haiti every single day.
  4. Sit back and bask in the glow of the the gratitude that we send your way. Can you feel it? No? Repeat step two and you will!

If you can help us win $5000, we’d use some of it to do something nice for our friends and partner communities (we need a new latrine near the soccer field in Bossan, and would like to help Olsen attend university in Port au Prince), put some aside for our emergency fund, and also do something nice for GOALS (we really need a new motorcycle!).

And with $50,000? We could put 30 kids in school next year ($15,000), feed our 400 participants every day for a year ($20,800) AND build a new latrine and get ourselves a new motorcycle!

Please help us take advantage of this unique one-time opportunity from Crowdrise and Life is Good: Donate $10 and challenge 10 friends to do the same!

New to GOALS?
GOALS uses soccer in Haiti to develop communities in Haiti following this simple philosophy:

  • First, in order to play soccer, kids need a safe, clean, and healthy environment. GOALS responds by organizing soccer teams to clean up litter in public areas, plant trees and recycle old materials by reusing them for new projects.
  • Second, kids can’t play soccer without strong, healthy bodies, so GOALS helps teams plant vegetable gardens, invests in local food production through our community bakery, provides a daily meal for youth and clean drinking water for families and improves community health by hosting mobile clinics and health seminars.
  • Third, soccer teams need coaches and team captains who are strong leaders and role models, and opportunities for advancement. GOALS provides school tuition assistance programs for youth and professional development for local staff, empowering and mobilizing communities to develop their own projects to improve shelter, leadership, and infrastructure.

Why support GOALS?
Community involvement: GOALS partners with and invests directly in Haitian communities. 17 out of 19 staff members are local Haitian community members who identify needs and solutions.

We're different: While hundreds of organizations operate in Haiti, GOALS is one of only a handful which are locally led, permanent, and independent of religious belief.

Gender inclusive: GOALS invests equally in boys and girls; Half of our players (and 47% of our staff!) are female.

Impact: GOALS is committed to making the maximum impact possible, while keeping administrative costs low. In fact, we didn't even have an office for several years - we worked in an outdoor gazebo and ran for cover when it rained!

Want to donate more than $10?

  • $20: Provides peanut butter sandwiches from the GOALS bakery for our "Guppies" kids soccer team for a week
  • $35: Buys school books for one scholarship student for the year
  • $50: Ships a box of soccer gear to Haiti
  • $100: Buys flour, butter and salt to bake bread for the GOALS community bakery for one week Fundraising is challenging for GOALS, since we spend all of our time in Haiti operating programs, but it's a necessary part of continuing our work. On behalf of our dedicated local staff, our hundreds of participants and their families, a huge thank you for believing in and investing in a better future for Haiti.