Recycling, composting, gardening and more: How GOALS kids learn to protect their environment

GOALS' environmental initiatives were recently featured in an article on the Green Sports Blog!

Haiti has a long history of environmental devastation. Deforestation, for example, dates back to the 18th century and continues today. GOALS responds by planting trees and community gardens, helping youth to understand the importance of environmental stewardship. Our soccer players know that they can't play soccer on a field covered with trash, and they spend time keeping the field clean each week and gardening together as a team to help grow food for after-practice snacks! Here's a sneak peak at the article via Green Sports Blog:

"The fields also need to be cleaned of trash, including bottles and food scraps—which the kids handle, under the direction of the coaches and with the help of a local organization that recycles bottles...Last year, GOALS kids collected 3,700+ plastic bottles to be recycled. And, compost piles dot the landscape as well, so coaches and kids learn what waste goes where."

Read the entire article on Green Sports Blog, and browse through the image gallery below to see how GOALS players receive an environmental education while pitching into protect and improve their local environment, starting right on the soccer field.