Help make our holiday dreams come true

In 2010, GOALS began with some very big dreams.
We dreamed that kids who roamed their village barefoot and hungry would have shoes, food and clean water. We dreamed that through access to health information and increased confidence, girls would be able to finish school without getting pregnant. We dreamed that a generation of youth would dream bigger and achieve more through the power of football.

Over the past three years, communities, soccer coaches and youth leaders in Haiti have come together with the support of soccer fans and donors from around the world to continue to achieve these dreams. Our response to these great achievements? Dream even bigger.

Today, we’re proud to announce GOALS’ biggest dream yet.

Coaches, parents, and kids have always asked us for a safe place for their community. A place where kids can study and learn. A place to worship and a place to shelter down during hurricanes, storm surges and flash flooding. A place where doctors can visit patients and a place where teen girls can learn about their health.

After months of planning, that dream is close to being possible in Destra, and we need you to help make it a reality.

In partnership with the Building Goodness Foundation, GOALS will break ground on a new community education center in the rural village of Destra in early 2014.

Destra is particularly remote. With no cars in the village, the nearest paved road is a 30-minute walk. Aside from a small vendor or two, there is no commerce and no jobs, no schools and no churches. Not only will the community education center provide a safe space for GOALS programs and community activities, it will also bring jobs, commerce, and new opportunities to Destra.

Thanks to commitments from GOALS’ Board of Directors, 100% of your donation always goes directly to support our sport, education and health programs in Haiti. Every dollar that you donate will make a huge difference and help make this dream become a reality.