A busy week at GOALS

It seems like every week is always busy at GOALS, but that’s just because our teams are trying to accomplish so many things! This week was no exception. We started off with a day-long outreach program at an orphanage in the neighboring city of Grand Goave.

Coach Emilio and Nadege led a group of about 30 kids in a day of GOALS soccer and education programming, including a community clean-up and recycling lesson, talent show (you can still be a superstar even if you don't play soccer!), hygiene lesson and handwashing practice, and a special adaptation of a Coaches Across Continents game to lead a discussion about childrens' rights and protection, Adebayor for Child Protection.

Trash doesn't belong on our soccer field!

The orphanage staff want to keep offering soccer activities to their kids, so we’ve invited them to a special coach training program and challenged them to a match! We’ve got lots more pics from our orphanage outreach day on our Facebook page here, and you can also read more about GOALS' orphanage outreach on their blog here.

But that was just the beginning of the fun this week! Last month, our sites all had a competition to see who could have the most participants at each of their activities – soccer, education and community service – for the whole month. The prize? Movie day!

This week, Destra won the chance to watch a fun kids’ movie called “L Balon d’Or/The Golden Ball” about a brave little boy from rural Africa who works hard, trains hard, believes in himself, and finds success in life through soccer. 

The kids loved having the opportunity to watch a movie, and even several parents stopped by to see what all the excitement was about. We had a great time!

And, just in case you didn’t already love this update enough, here’s a photo of a future GOALS champion who stopped by to see what we were up to in Destra:

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