Zumba for GOALS Haiti raises $3,566

Zumba for GOALS Haiti

GOALS is all about engaging kids in community work that is sustainable, effective, and fun. This fall, supporters in Seattle, WA embraced this philosophy and organized GOALS' first-ever fundraiser with the help of Community Fitness. "Zumba for GOALS Haiti" raised a grand total of $3,566 for our daily youth programs in Haiti, and will be used to provide children with soccer equipment, project materials, and hot meals.

The event's line-up featured dance classes by three of Seattle's top Zumba instructors, Medora Cesarano, Sol Alberione, and Nelson Euflauzino. Kona Shen, Founder and Director of GOALS, gave a brief presentation, and Community Fitness displayed photos from the programs in Haiti, along with printed information. The night was filled with dancing and music, with lots of food and drink for all of the attendees and volunteers.

Practice in Haiti

From everyone at GOALS, a very special thanks to the event's organizers, Diane Atkinson and Natasha Jacob. We would also like to thank Community Fitness for all their help, including donating a beautiful space for the event. In addition, we would like to thank the Riley and Nancy Pleas Foundation for a matching grant, made possible by Joe and Maureen Brotherton.

A group of extraordinary volunteers helped make the night run smoothly. A big thanks to Bill Dietze, Dana Standish, Debbie Sporcich, Edward Shen, Jen Haberman, Jessika Rodriguez, Lachlan Yeoman, Lea Skolnik, Nadine Fabbi, Stephanie Popham, and Tina Pulliam!

Finally, thank you to everyone who donated!

Zumba event

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