Emerging Leader

Former GOALS Team Captain following her dream to play with the Haitian National Team

An Emerging Leader Shares Her Story

Magdala, 20, is a former captain of a GOALS team from our programs and is currently a player in Haiti's senior Women's team. Quiet, assertive in her communication, she has no regrets for having the dream of playing for the National league and get the education she proudly proclaims as essential for the future she is forging. The GOALS team is pleased to share a piece of Magdala’s story who begins to make her way in Women's football in Haiti. 

My name is Magadala Macéan, I'm 20 years old and I am a current player on the National Women's Senior Team. I come from Chatuley outside of Leogane and I am a former player in the GOALS Haiti Program where I was team Captain on several occasions.

As a result of the poor socio-economic conditions of my family, which is very modest I used to miss school. There was a young lady who lived in my neighborhood and she knew the GOALS Haiti program well and spoke to the coordinator who took me there. I was enrolled in the program and I stayed there for a long time and here I am today thanks to this work begun via GOALS.

At GOALS, there is a rather friendly atmosphere with the children set up with a lot of enthusiasm by the coaches. I had worked with coach Gattuso at one point and then with Hérold. I benefited from the sex education program and an English course that I followed with Jolinda, a former Director of that organization. In my opinion, this is an extraordinary program that allows children and especially girls to thrive and believe in their abilities.

GOALS gave me a lot. My behaviors, my vivacity in the game are essential elements that were transmitted to me from my first steps in football within GOALS. I told you that I was already a captain at GOALS and in my very young age, there is this form of leadership that emerged and was visible in me and that I continue to maintain.

I have been with the Haitian youth league since 2014 and I am very happy with it. I am satisfied with this move from my area to deepen my knowledge of the game here at the Ranch. I was in the U-15, U-17, U-20 teams and I was able to play in the World Cup in France. Being here as a player gives me other advantages, especially traveling to discover other countries and other people. I can mention Cayman Island, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and the United States of America.

Currently, I am in NS1 or 3rd of secondary school. It is important that all children here study because it is an obligation. In sports, it is fundamental that the focus is on our education and that everywhere we go, we can strongly represent our country and speak to the world when necessary. I do not think I miss much, except that we always need books and some products.

I must feel grateful for all that GOALS has helped me accomplish so far. My coaches remind me of my strength, my resilience and why I am here. Without constraints and great difficulties, I recover easily. But the remarks are generally positive on my game and my attitudes. I have many dreams. And, I work hard to realize them.”