Proud Graduates

Two of the proud graduates from our Literacy Program in Destra

Our “Leveling The Playing Field” Literacy program is a lifeline for children who cannot attend traditional school. We recently interviewed some of the beneficiaries of the program who shared their thoughts. Prophète said “The literacy class changed my life because my parents’ poverty prevents them to pay school tuition for me and my siblings. Now, we are able to read, write and do basic mathematics. We would like to continue to study through this program and learn more next year.”

45 kids recently graduated our literacy program, our biggest class to date. Check out some great pictures from the ceremony we held in Destra. Staff, friends and family showed up with pride to celebrate the kid’s success. 95% of participants passed this year over 80% last year, a significant progress made. The kids all received a certificate of accomplishment after six months participating in the Literacy program. Massenat said with delight how his participation in this program helped him with his reading and writing, which is essential for his growth. He told us that the class supported him in many ways. “I couldn’t read very well and faced difficulties to write in a proper way. My teachers helped me, and they were patient.

The kids come to class to learn and they also are served a meal every day. Sometimes this is the only space in which they find some food for the day. Frandzy said: “In this program I can learn and have better grades, and you can find something to eat. You cannot be happier than that when you are not sure you’ll find something at home.

Haiti is a country that lacks basic infrastructure which makes access to education a big challenge. Attending school with large fees for tuition and books makes it unreachable for many families. We decided to expand our literacy program in the remote community of Destra, allowing kids access to classes in their native language where they can learn. And we are gratified to see so many kids excel in this opportunity.  

Education is a key that youth in Haiti can have hope to dream big and have a bright future.