Proud Graduates

Two of the proud graduates from our Literacy Program in Destra

Our “Leveling The Playing Field” Literacy program is a lifeline for children who cannot attend traditional school. We recently interviewed some of the beneficiaries of the program who shared their thoughts. Prophète said “The literacy class changed my life because my parents’ poverty prevents them to pay school tuition for me and my siblings. Now, we are able to read, write and do basic mathematics. We would like to continue to study through this program and learn more next year.”

45 kids recently graduated our literacy program, our biggest class to date. Check out some great pictures from the ceremony we held in Destra. Staff, friends and family showed up with pride to celebrate the kid’s success. 95% of participants passed this year over 80% last year, a significant progress made. The kids all received a certificate of accomplishment after six months participating in the Literacy program. Massenat said with delight how his participation in this program helped him with his reading and writing, which is essential for his growth. He told us that the class supported him in many ways. “I couldn’t read very well and faced difficulties to write in a proper way. My teachers helped me, and they were patient.

The kids come to class to learn and they also are served a meal every day. Sometimes this is the only space in which they find some food for the day. Frandzy said: “In this program I can learn and have better grades, and you can find something to eat. You cannot be happier than that when you are not sure you’ll find something at home.

Haiti is a country that lacks basic infrastructure which makes access to education a big challenge. Attending school with large fees for tuition and books makes it unreachable for many families. We decided to expand our literacy program in the remote community of Destra, allowing kids access to classes in their native language where they can learn. And we are gratified to see so many kids excel in this opportunity.  

Education is a key that youth in Haiti can have hope to dream big and have a bright future.


Emerging Leader

Former GOALS Team Captain following her dream to play with the Haitian National Team

An Emerging Leader Shares Her Story

Magdala, 20, is a former captain of a GOALS team from our programs and is currently a player in Haiti's senior Women's team. Quiet, assertive in her communication, she has no regrets for having the dream of playing for the National league and get the education she proudly proclaims as essential for the future she is forging. The GOALS team is pleased to share a piece of Magdala’s story who begins to make her way in Women's football in Haiti. 

My name is Magadala Macéan, I'm 20 years old and I am a current player on the National Women's Senior Team. I come from Chatuley outside of Leogane and I am a former player in the GOALS Haiti Program where I was team Captain on several occasions.

As a result of the poor socio-economic conditions of my family, which is very modest I used to miss school. There was a young lady who lived in my neighborhood and she knew the GOALS Haiti program well and spoke to the coordinator who took me there. I was enrolled in the program and I stayed there for a long time and here I am today thanks to this work begun via GOALS.

At GOALS, there is a rather friendly atmosphere with the children set up with a lot of enthusiasm by the coaches. I had worked with coach Gattuso at one point and then with Hérold. I benefited from the sex education program and an English course that I followed with Jolinda, a former Director of that organization. In my opinion, this is an extraordinary program that allows children and especially girls to thrive and believe in their abilities.

GOALS gave me a lot. My behaviors, my vivacity in the game are essential elements that were transmitted to me from my first steps in football within GOALS. I told you that I was already a captain at GOALS and in my very young age, there is this form of leadership that emerged and was visible in me and that I continue to maintain.

I have been with the Haitian youth league since 2014 and I am very happy with it. I am satisfied with this move from my area to deepen my knowledge of the game here at the Ranch. I was in the U-15, U-17, U-20 teams and I was able to play in the World Cup in France. Being here as a player gives me other advantages, especially traveling to discover other countries and other people. I can mention Cayman Island, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and the United States of America.

Currently, I am in NS1 or 3rd of secondary school. It is important that all children here study because it is an obligation. In sports, it is fundamental that the focus is on our education and that everywhere we go, we can strongly represent our country and speak to the world when necessary. I do not think I miss much, except that we always need books and some products.

I must feel grateful for all that GOALS has helped me accomplish so far. My coaches remind me of my strength, my resilience and why I am here. Without constraints and great difficulties, I recover easily. But the remarks are generally positive on my game and my attitudes. I have many dreams. And, I work hard to realize them.”


Beyond Sport Award Winner!

GOALS E.D. accepting the Beyond Sport Award on behalf of GOALS Haiti

Beyond Sport Award for Sport for Health and Wellbeing

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the 2019 Beyond Sport Award in the category of using Sport for Health and Wellbeing. This is an incredible honor that we share with our whole community and program participants.

Our E.D. Kathy McAllister attended the Beyond Sport events in New York last week and accepted the award on behalf of the organization. To be recognized by our peers and the international sport for development community is a testament to all of our hard work and the effort we make daily to use sports as a tool for positive social change.

You can check out more pictures from the evenings ceremony along with the other events that Beyond Sport assembled for the 3 day conference.

The focus of the events were aligning ourselves around the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. At GOALS we are aligned with the development goals SDG 3 good health and wellbeing, 4 quality education, 5 gender equality and 10 reduced inequalities with the ultimate goal of SDG1 reducing poverty.

We participated in a roundtable discussion with other industry leaders on how sports can be used to reduce poverty. We asked questions and came up with a list of recommendations that will be delivered by Beyond Sport to the U.N. council this week.

Being a part of the Beyond Sport family and their #sameteam network gives our work international recognition and support to continue our work with kids in rural Haiti to create stronger healthier communities where those kids can thrive.

Journey with GOALS

James Kendy talking with kids in Destra

An incredible journey with GOALS Haiti

As a student in Haiti looking for an internship opportunity, I was attracted by what I saw with GOALS. , I had an amazing journey with GOALS. This program brings hope and the kids and young people that are a part of it have been able to develop their potential and show significant progress. Because of GOALS’ action, I see that these young people in Destra, Carrefour Croix and Baussan will become the leaders in their respective communities and will lead bright futures.

My name is James Kendy and I am an undergraduate student from in Geography at the State University and I started my internship with GOALS three months ago. I have learnt a lot and at the same time I tried to give back what I received during my studies to young people participating in the program. After designing my Plan with the local Director, I started my journey. My main task consisted in working with the kids on education about good hygiene and child protection. I had the chance to work with 360 kids from 3 rural communities.  

Through my observations, I saw that hygiene promotion was really needed. We discussed and shared the following topics which they in turn then shared with their peers and families:

•        Body and dress hygiene: how to take care of every part of your body and clothing

•        Handwashing: illnesses transmitted by hand and the importance and how to

•        Food hygiene: how to eat, what foods are good for the body and what we should take or avoid

•        Water: how water can cause disease, the importance of clean water, and the methods used to treat the water

•        Sanitation: how to handle waste, how to manage wastewater and how to manage bathroom in remote areas without causing health problems, etc.

During the sessions, I ensured that all the kids can speak up and participate. At the beginning of each session, we made a recap of last topics discussed and at the end we had a contest Question-Answer with the winners receiving soap and toothbrushes for their efforts made. We held the classes in an informal setting that made everyone comfortable to ask questions. These friendly ways to discuss hygiene gave me the opportunity to highlight how important it is to share with their friends and families. Accordingly, many of them, day by day, became less shy and could talk openly about what they know related to hygiene. It means a lot to me that I was able to contribute to some learnings when I consider how people in these communities are less aware of these facts. This experience was awesome, and I hope that these sessions will be kept and will impact their lives in a positive manner.  

In the end, I consider this experience was very impactful where I learned a lot from the whole staff. Emilio has an enthusiastic way to work with kids and young people, Francesca possesses a very great way to learn from others and she does it very quickly. Jean Kendy is supportive in many ways, especially when I had to do something linked to the Operations. Carl-Henry, as the Local Director is a mentor, happy to accompany and advise the youngest; and his charisma in the way he supported and coached me has inspired me a lot, and it will be for sure a positive influence for my career in the future. It was an amazing experience that I would be happy to renew in the future because of the love of working with children, and the possibility to have a positive imprint in their lives makes me feel very happy.

Beyond Sport

Beautiful Breadfruit Tree


We are excited to share the great news that global sports for sustainable social change pioneer, Beyond Sport, announced 29 entries that have officially been shortlisted for its prestigious Global Awards. This year’s shortlist of standouts represents 37 countries, across six continents and more than 40 sports, all dedicated to creating positive social impact in communities around the world through sport to help achieve the UN Global Goals by 2030.
GOALS Haiti was honored to be recognized for its Aktive Jèn Yo program that utilizes soccer in Haiti to engage youth and their families in programs that emphasize education, health and the environment to improve their quality of life on a daily basis.

Check out the inspiring video that highlights each project from around the globe.

Our Executive Director responded to the news - “We are so honoured to be recognized by Beyond Sport for our work with youth in rural Haiti. Ansanm nou rive pi lwen – Together we reach further and we look forward to continuing to use sport as a tool for development in areas where kids may otherwise be left behind.” - Kathy McAllister 

Trees That Feed

Beautiful Breadfruit Tree

Breadfruit trees with their beautiful broad leaves and delicious fruit are one of my favorite trees in Haiti. Not only do I love the way they look but when I see a large mature tree that is bearing fruit, I know that it is producing much needed nutrition for the area.

We are excited to partner with the Trees That Feed Foundation who has awarded us 90 Breadfruit trees to plant in the communities that we serve in Destra, Carrefour Croix and Bossan. These trees will feed the community, provide shade, create jobs plus benefit the environment. We love the philosophy of Trees that Feed that breadfruit trees not only benefit the environment, but the trees create micro-economies, combat hunger and lessen the need for expensive imported grains.

To ensure that the trees are planted correctly and cared for to safeguard their survival we are partnering with Codep/Haiti Reforestation who will assist us and provide technical assistance. Their agronom knows the local landscape well.

Together we are creating food systems which are controlled by local communities, reducing their dependence on imported grains.

Aside from being eaten raw, breadfruit can be baked, boiled, candied, fried, pickled, roasted and steamed. The fruit can be shredded, dried for storage or easily processed into gluten-free flour. Breadfruit can be consumed at all stages of development; ripe as a fruit or mature as a vegetable—where it can replace conventional starches. (Think of it as a tropical potato.) As the fruit ripens, the starches convert to sugars and the flesh softens to a custard-like consistency

Breadfruit is not only a substantial food source; the breadfruit tree also provides a multitude of other advantageous uses.

Gluten-Free Flour: Breadfruit can be processed into a gluten-free flour, far superior in taste, nutrition and structure to any other GF flour alternative.

Insect Repellant: In addition to a safer alternative to DEET, the male breadfruit flower is highly effective at repelling mosquitoes and other insects.

Latex: The sap excreted from the breadfruit can be used as a waterproof caulking for water crafts and homes, as well as chewing gum.

Fabric: Fibers from the bark of the breadfruit tree can be harvested without killing the crop and used to make mosquito nets, clothing, accessories, artwork and even paper.

Animal Feed: Fallen fruits, as well as the leaves of the tree, can be used as nutritious animal feed.

We look forward to watching these trees grow and to them becoming a staple in their community.

Campaign Update

Team GOALS All In for Success!

The enthusiasm for the victorious @USWNT World Cup and the historic FHF - Fédération Haïtienne De Football 3rd place in the Gold Cup are contagious and well deserved. Let's share the love of soccer with kids in rural Haiti. It provides the opportunity to go after their dreams and that is at the core of our work. Can you help us reach our goal? We need just 2k to reach our current campaign target. Please give what you can and/or share this post - Thank you!

Child Protection

GOALS Staff and Team Captains took part in the Haitian National Day of the Child Assembly

Working with children and families requires diverse skills and multidisciplinary training. Accountability in relation to the moral and even legal responsibility of institutions is fundamental. GOALS Haiti prioritizes the needs of the communities we work in while putting the safety and wellbeing of kids in our programs first. We partner with other organizations who share those values for child protection and gender equality. Recently we worked with Kore Timoun on a workshop to which more than 72 members of their teams took part to discuss the protection of children against abuse and exploitation.

GOALS Program Director Carl Henry was the facilitator for the workshop, and he focused on the fundamental concepts related to it. Four main areas were reviewed which included:

- Definition of a child

- The forms of abuse and exploitation of children, focus on the proximity, trust and power of the abusers

- Intersectionality in relation to gender issues including aspects of children's rights

- Values and attitudes in child protection with emphasis on issues related to beliefs, mentalities, practices and social representation

Working together we are part of a community-based approach to raising awareness to the sensitive issue of child abuse. Dealing with these issues is not common in rural areas. Our work is changing that. In a country where human rights issues in general do not have priority, it is hard to see that in the most remote and isolated areas with few basic social services that the rights of children and women still need to be highlighted. Testimonies were heard in the room that this issue must be a commitment by community agents with close ties to children and families. This is important to help them prevent violence and to equip individuals and children with the tools to respond when necessary.

Our work is to provide a safe space for kids to learn, play and grow. Healthy kids grow up to be healthy citizens in society. Discrimination and gender-based violence is addressed as an additional element to this issue of the exploitation against children. Institutions working with children must strengthen their preventive actions in order to avoid serving as a channel to facilitate children's access to abusers and pedophiles. Apart from any procedures and policies signed by staff it is essential that staff members receive training and adequate resources to better understand the issue and act proactively.

As a child rights promoter we work closely with families and communities to show them the best practices to be used and how much vigilance is needed to protect children. Learning about protection serves to promote children rights. These rights are critical to protection against abuse and to initiate a community process to popularize this message of non-tolerance of abuse and exploitation. Physical, emotional, sexual abuse, neglect and significant harm from wherever they come cannot be tolerated.

GOALS Haiti is proud to have initiated this training in Léogâne and we will continue this work so that girls and boys can flourish and develop their potential.

Mobilization GOALS

Destra teams warm up practice in Destra

Getting where we need to go takes vision and commitment. We have both of those but have found ourselves stuck in need of a new vehicle for GOALS. We physically are unable to reach our remote rural communities as our only vehicle broke down and is damaged beyond repair.  Can you help get us mobilized and back on the road!?

Due to a generous donor we have a match of up to 10k towards the purchase of a new (to us) vehicle. The investment will be a long-term asset for the organization allowing staff to work in our communities and transport donated gear and supplies where they are needed most. The kids that we work with count on us daily to provide a safe space they can show up to learn, play and grow. For many it is the only outlet where they can reach outside of the challenging subsistent living facing rural communities.    

There are no other organizations working in the areas we serve and a little support goes a long way. The donor putting up the matching funds said he knows of no other organization that does so much for so little. We are kicking off our fundraising campaign with the goal of raising 10K. Please consider donating online or by check and sharing our appeal. Together we are providing life changing opportunities that are creating healthier more stable communities in rural Haiti. Thank you for being a part of that change.


Kathy McAllister - Executive Director  

GOALS Haiti  

Meet Marie Flore

GOALS Coach Marie Flore in Bossan

Our Executive Director sat down with Bossan U-13 Coach Marie Flore after her team won our Spring tournament championship. Here is what Marie Flore had to say:

“I started to play soccer when I was 12 years old. During that time there was not a lot of girls playing soccer. We would play barefoot by kicking around whatever we could find, even a can. After that I looked for opportunities to play in the area. In Leogane the team to play for was Anacaona and I joined them as their goalkeeper.

I was selected by the Haiti National team and was their goalkeeper for 7 years. I left playing professionally when my mom became ill as I had to takeover caring for the household. When GOALS came into the area I started volunteering with the young girls team. I wanted to help other girls play soccer.  

Because of GOALS I was trained and certified by the Haitian National Football Federation as a coach. I have been a coach for GOALS since 2014.

GOALS helps kids to stay motivated and occupied in positive activities. Bossan is a village made up of families that are related. It is a rural fishing village and before GOALS soccer and other sports were not part of daily life.

The kids love to play soccer and take part in the other activities of GOALS such as recycling and the community garden.

A lot of talent would be wasted if GOALS was not in our community. We now have 12 kids from Bossan that have been recruited to the Haiti Youth National League. They would not have been nurtured and discovered without the program of GOALS.

Congratulations to Marie Flore and her team for winning the championship in their division. To see pictures from the tournament check out our Facebook album.

Play Proud

As part of our vision we strive to provide a safe space for all to thrive and inclusion is an important piece of that. Recently Jean Kendy our Operations Manager attended a workshop organized by Street football World in Collaboration with Laureus, Sport for Good and the Sacred Sports Foundation. Here is his post on his trip:

During the training in St Lucia, I had the chance to gain new knowledge about human rights, inclusion and gender equality. Present at the workshop were a multitude of NGOs that use soccer for development as a tool for people in order they can create a better life.

Streetfootballworld in North America and the Caribbean introduced “Play Proud” which is a project designed to implement an innovative inclusive gender sensitive program. This project has created a model approach of inclusion and gender justice, encompassing the development of safe spaces and critical implementation tools encouraging greater diversity in the North America and the Caribbean (NOCA) regions and eventually worldwide. The “Play Proud” project represents a great opportunity to put human rights and gender equality at the heart of what we do as key organizations working with adolescents and youth.

All the participants highlighted some key ideas on how people understand gender in their country of origin or where they are working, the stereotypes and barriers they are facing and the strategies they are using to communicate to children and youth about these issues. Behaviors and attitudes in patriarchal societies, stereotypes and misunderstanding of personal choices influence the social perceptions and representations of each other. It is now clear for me that regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, everyone deserves respect and has to be considered with values and dignity.

This workshop is very relevant to us and helped me to understand better the concepts of human rights and gender sensitivity, and overall, allowed me to create new networking with the other agencies using sports for development approach as we are doing at GOALS Haiti. It is essential that we mention that we take seriously gender equality within our programs into which boys and girls participate equally with zero tolerance against harm and discrimination based on their sex and gender.

I am now feeling more open about talking on these topics and will be able to deliver key messages related to them to ensure that our participants can see the importance of human rights, inclusion and gender equality. I will use our Sexual Education Classes to work with children and adolescents participating in our program and will extend this to the parents via community meetings. At GOALS, we are always promoting “no one left behind” and because of the skills I have acquired from this workshop, I will be able to help GOALS achieve this objective. We will be more effective by taking into consideration the most vulnerable people within our communities.   

Community Garden

Little things can emerge from shared ideas and the community gardens in Destra, Carrefour-Croix and Bossan are proof of that. Caring for the environment and learning the importance of gardening has always been a priority of GOALS. Yet behind these miniature gardens are inspiring stories that feed us literally and figuratively.

Peppers, eggplant, okra, tomatoes and other vegetables maturing in parcels of land granted by community members, grow in an organized manner. It is a combined effort by kids in our programs and their coaches who manage them. This know-how was taught to them by a local agronomist who works with us. The gardens serve multiple purposes which includes providing a more balanced diet which promotes better health, the possibility to sell produce, and finally to inspire community members to raise in them the entrepreneurial spirit.

One of our coaches, Jersen, got so inspired by the kids’ garden that he took it upon himself to plant his own. At a recent visit to his home, he declared: "My sister drew my attention on the fact that the price of peppers is constantly increasing and thanks to the knowledge I acquired through the community garden program I know that I can work with the soil fertile to plant and keep it fertile .” Jersen visits his garden daily, taking great care of it, watering it with water from a well located near the space. "This garden idea has inspired me and today I am conducting other activities to fulfill a dream of becoming an entrepreneur that others can follow.

He explained the innovative methods he will continue to use through the use of compost and the insertion of water containers (ti gallon in Haitian Creole) in the ground to fertilize a part which he judges is too exposed to the sun and makes it difficult to germinate part of the seedlings. This promising garden is the result of an investment of an estimated $50 USD. He is encouraged by the progress made and that in a short time his business will grow. He hopes that this initiative will inspire other coaches to undertake similar activities to create a source of food and possible revenue.

We recently had a visitor to our sites and Daniel Fleury, a Haitian-American, himself, was amazed and fell in love with one of our gardens discovered at Carrefour-Croix. After talking with the kids and the coaches, giving them advice based on his coaching experience in Boston, he toured our programs. "It was great to see with my own eyes what I observed in your site. It's amazing what you're doing.” He handed over a bundle of seedlings to our Program Manager to encourage them. A big thank you to Daniel for his visit and generosity.

We love seeing the gardens grow and see them inspire the communities we serve.

Annual Report

We achieve more by coming together and the Haitian saying “Ansanm Nou Rive Pi Lwen” – “Together We Reach Further” is a message that we live by. Check out our new annual report - 

Dear Team GOALS,

As I looked out at our community, with their joyful celebration during our recent 8-year anniversary, it was with a sense of pride and accomplishment for the progress we have made together.

Our work is community driven and motivated by the needs of each community. Soccer is the spark that brings our kids to the field to learn, play and grow. Each child is a force yearning for change and opportunity. They look for ways that they can engage and contribute to the wellbeing of their families and communities. Our programs provide that outlet.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff of program managers, coaches and teachers that all contribute to the education and mentorship of our participants.

Our Board of Directors gives of their time and resources to ensure that we are making an impact and being accountable stewards of the organization. We always keep our vision in mind and use it as a compass as we forge ahead.

It is our caring community of donors who our work’s momentum going. That support goes a long way in rural Haiti. It is making a difference in lives daily and ultimately driving generational change.

I have been working in Haiti for over 16 years, ever since I went there as a Peace Corps volunteer and I have worked with many organizations over the years. I can say for certain that Team GOALS is special. It is with honor that I continue the vision of our founder and lead our path forward.

Kathy McAllister

Executive Director

Literacy Class 2.0

The new class for level 1 literacy in Destra

We are pleased to announce the start of our new season of literacy classes in Destra, bringing important literary skills to 53 kids who otherwise would be left behind.

This year we are continuing with our level 1 literacy class which welcomed 23 new students coming to school for the first time. Plus, thanks to a generous grant from the Common Goal initiative we have added a level 2 course for 30 graduates from our level 1 program. An important step for these kids to continue their education.

GOALS staff distributed books and school materials to the boys and girls who now can learn to read, write and count without the stigma of having never attended school.

Education is key and we are proud of our supporters who have taken the initiative to support our children to have access to it.

In Destra, a marginalized area outside the town of Leogane, schools do not exist. The illiteracy rate is high, and we are working to change that. Our Beyond Sport award winning Leveling the Playing Field Literacy program takes into consideration children who are cut off from attending traditional schools.  With a focus on directed learning that is taught in their native language (Haitian Creole), it's our hope to enhance their knowledge and help them feel proud of the new skills they are acquiring.

The new class was welcomed by Jean Kendy, our Operations Director and Carl-Henry, our new Program Director. Each shared some thoughts about these classes, encouraging them to engage fully in the process. Carl-Henry spoke of the need for children and adolescents to have dreams and he highlighted that the way to success starts with education. Through education they can realize their potential.

The class includes two girls with disabilities integrated in our programs. Inclusion is an important part of our work and we want to ensure that we do not have anyone left behind.

Through these angelic faces and charming smiles, we see hope and a bright future where each child can learn and achieve.  Learning is the foundation for them to go after their dreams and create a stronger healthier community.  This in turn will alleviate the cycle of generational poverty. It is what we are working for by implementing programs in these rural areas.  Ketia, a 17-year-old girl summed it up  well: “With this program I will have the chance to learn. Without it I would be involved in other activities, and possibly negative things instead of learning. Now I can fill my time by doing good for myself.” 

Welcome Carl Henry!

We are excited to share the news that Carl Henry Petit-Frere has joined Team GOALS as our new Program Director. Carl Henry will be managing our programs, working with local staff on the day to day operations plus focus on monitoring and evaluation. He brings a lot of valuable experience and we are thrilled to be working together.

Carl-Henry is a Haitian citizen who has worked for more than 13 years in community development and humanitarian work. Most recently with Plan International Haiti where he spent 7 years as a Child Rights/Protection and Gender equality Advisor. He has significant experience in grants, strategies, advocacy, program management plus procedures and policies. He is a professional who has worked for other international agencies such as Action Against Hunger, Save the Children, Oxfam Qébec and HelpAge International. Human rights are a focus of his work with an emphasis on children, youth and women.

He has extensive experience working with vulnerable communities to be mobilized for impact change. In that work he has collaborated with key stakeholders and state directorates in Haiti and in international human rights platforms to facilitate advocacy work. He defines himself as a feminist activist who believes in women's leadership and the empowerment of girls and women as a key component in the development of societies and the establishment of social justice.

Carl-Henry has consulted organizations in their procedures and process with USAID-led projects and initiatives, Keeping Children Safe, CAD Haiti and the Canada Revenue Agency. As a trainer of trainers, he had the opportunity to travel to West Africa where he supported his colleagues through a training on gender issues and participatory approaches. A focus of his has been in establishing internal procedures and policies for the protection of children.

Adequate Care

After many months of talking and planning a medical team from International Medical Response (IMR) travelled to the Destra community in mis January for a training seminar for local healthcare agents, followed by a two-day free medical clinic.  The IMR team was comprised of physicians, nurses and EMS techs, with this venture representing the inauguration of what will likely be an on-going collaboration between GOALS and IMR.  Check out images from the trip here.

This initial trip was highly successful. Twelve trainees were tapped from the local community (many GOALS alumni) to engage in a day-long training seminar where basic medical principals were shared. They then assisted with patient care in the following days during the clinic.  Nearly two hundred patients were seen, ranging from eight days old to 97 years, many of whom had rarely seen a physician prior.  IMR also identified one of the trainees to serve as the local healthcare agent in Destra for follow up care, with remote support from IMR until the planned return in July 2019.   

In addition to the large number of patients who were cared for at the clinic that were diagnosed and treated for a range of maladies from small infections to high blood pressure. There was a huge save for a 7-month pregnant mother who was identified as being at high risk and immediately was transported to the hospital. Her and her baby were saved due to emergency surgery. Without that diagnosis they both would have lost their lives.

Remote rural communities in Haiti are especially vulnerable as lacking infrastructure and economies keep people isolated without access to care. We are working to improve that.  

As IMR and GOALS continue to work in partnership, we hope to establish an ongoing presence in the rural community of Destra.  IMR's primary goals are to build a network of local healthcare agents on the ground to address the concerns of the community, and to create a triage system by which we can direct patients to the appropriate care they require. 

This would not be possible without the support IMR has received from GOALS; they have been instrumental in providing the guidance required to addressing community needs directly.  We look forward to building on this trip and creating a reliable service to the people of Destra. 

 Jonathan Kaplan MD

Joshua Schiller MD


With Love

“Many of the things we do in life are because we have to. Go to school. Do our homework. Take the garbage out. Clean our rooms, etc.  

This year I will try to do a better job at doing the things I want to do as well. Create a better bond with friends. Make the high school soccer team. Visit with some of the children within GOALS Haiti. 

Sometimes I wonder what these kids want in their lives. Not necessarily material things like phones and fancy clothes, but do we share common interests like to be better soccer players or to compete on the field and win, or simply talk about who is better... Messi or Ronaldo? 

I hope to visit Haiti soon, across the ocean and see what they dream for. What they have to do. What they want to do. With my visit, I hope to donate many more items to kids that could really use them.  With love, LilyMany of the things we do in life are because we have to. Go to school. Do our homework. Take the garbage out. Clean our rooms, etc.  

This year I will try to do a better job at doing the things I want to do as well. Create a better bond with friends. Make the high school soccer team. Visit with some of the children within GOALS Haiti. 

Sometimes I wonder what these kids want in their lives. Not necessarily material things like phones and fancy clothes, but do we share common interests like to be better soccer players or to compete on the field and win, or simply talk about who is better... Messi or Ronaldo? 

I hope to visit Haiti soon, across the ocean and see what they dream for. What they have to do. What they want to do. With my visit, I hope to donate many more items to kids that could really use them.  With love, Lily”

To see more about Lily’s work check out her website.

Community Tournament

Recently our year end soccer tournament wrapped up and was a great community event! We invited teams from the area to participate with GOALS teams and the theme was Protecting the Environment.

 The purpose of the tournament was to not only provide the kids with a meaningful soccer competition beyond playing each other, but to also promote our programs to the greater Léogâne community by inviting other soccer teams to participate. 

 23 teams took part in the tournament with 16 teams from GOALS and 7 invited local teams.   You can check out images from the tournament here.

 This was the first time that GOALS Haiti organized a such a big tournament with invited teams outside of our programs.  The emphasis of the championship wasn’t just about competition but it was an opportunity for teams to join together for a bigger cause. After each match, the kids were encouraged to pick up trash to show their commitment to the environment, which was the main message of the championship. The hope is that by modeling this simple behavior, other kids who are not a part of the GOALS family would also give the environment the importance it deserves.

 Here is the tournament breakdown:

 With great fanfare and an almost carnival-like atmosphere filled with music, GOALS Academy and GOALS Destra were the two teams that made it to the finals on December 7th at CFC.  After a hard-fought battle, GOALS Academy came out victorious 2-0, with two goals scored in the last few minutes of play.  When the final whistle sounded, the girls were happy to receive their first-place medals.

 U13 Girls:


GOALS Destra

GOALS Bossan

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 U13 Boys:

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Following the girls’ final earlier that day of the 7th of December, it was the turn for the boys and Respire and GOALS Academy were the two teams to reach the final match.  Respire easily won the final 3-0 and they were declared champion for that category.

 U18 Girls:


GOALS Destra

GOALS Bossan



 On December 8th, the final game was held on the turf field in Gressier between GOALS Bossan and Respire.  It was another festive environment with lots of supporters, the two teams were almost equal as they played to a scoreless draw for most of the game.  It took a few minutes before the end of the game for GOALS Bossan to score and to hold on for the victory.  Each player received a medal and the team received a trophy, which they were thrilled to show off.

 U18 Boys:


GOALS Destra

GOALS Bossan

Mania Foot





 The older boys’ final was held on the same field following the older girls’ final earlier in the day. Two teams, Do-Kre-I-S and Respire, emerged from a crowded field of competitive teams to make it to the final match. Once again, it was a great match filled many opportunities to score.  In the end, it was Respire that came out victorious and they went home with the trophy.

 We would like to thank water distributor Culligan, Caribbean Bottling Company, for sponsoring the championship by donating gallons of purified water for our kids, coaches and referees.

 The championship was a huge success and we hope to have it again next year.

Happy New Year!

Let's build the future of football together

We were fortunate to have a great intern in Marie Elise Obas who spent the last 3 months working with us and she had this to say about her time with GOALS:

“Soccer is the favorite sport even in the back corners of Haiti. GOALS works in areas where the population does not really have access to education, clean water, and healthcare. When a child joins the Goals program, he or she participates in education programs such as the literacy program. The child also has access to clean drinking water, receives a meal after each program, and participates in community projects: tree nursery, recycling, volunteerism which all lead to them becoming leaders in their communities.

The passion for soccer is used to engage young people and to mentor positive messages on different areas such as conflict resolution, gender equity, good health and sex education. The coaches are considered leaders and they are called to participate in the change of their community.

Through the activities carried out by GOALS, children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can play football in a safe environment and also participate in changing their community.

I took the option that nobody expected. To choose to go to Haiti sounded a little bit crazy even for some close friends. However, when I arrived at GOALS, I felt my heart throb when I saw so many children living in challenging conditions and yet they keep their passion for this game. Lacking new equipment and showing up with what they have the kids play with a lot of passion. I felt a desire to take action and to lend my strength. I feel much more useful in Haiti  than if I were in Barcelona, with my favorite and one of the richest clubs in the world. I feel, deep within me, that these children need help and I feel ready to go as far as possible to encourage people to support these children/youths in need. I am attracted by their happiness, their positivity, their enthusiasm, their innocence and above all their pride and resilience.

I also fell in love with the staff. They are passionate about their work. In listening to them, it is easy to feel their involvement, their passion, and their love for their work. Without the latest equipment and tools, they contribute to the training of these young people. The most interesting part is that many of them are former beneficiaries of the project and are so proud to be a part of the team. When kids are asked what is their dream, the most common answer is to become a coach at GOALS. What a passion, what a pride for them to give back to the program that helped them to be who they are today.

My passion for soccer and my experiences in community development is a successful marriage with my studies at the Football Business Academy. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a great team.

I would like to give a world of thanks and I am proud to say: Let's build the future of football together.

Seeking Program Director

Be a part of Team GOALS - We are seeking a Program Director

We currently have the following job opening available.


We are seeking a Haiti based Program Director to support our community development programs in Leogane, Haiti. The primary function of the Program Director will be to lead organizational efforts along with our Executive Director and Program staff that sustain and grow our programs through strong program development, monitoring and evaluation, community relations, fundraising and administrative support. The Director will play a significant role in GOALS’ growth as the organization increases its impact on the lives of children and families in rural Haiti.

To see full job description please check out the listing here.