We are fortunate to have committed donors who support our vision. We thank and appreciate each one. Here we recognize our generous team sponsors and foundational contributors.



“Since winning the Sport for Education Award in 2016, GOALS Haiti has continued to grow the capacity and impact of their leading literacy and numeracy program for those most in need. Beyond Sport has been honored to play a role in continuing to ensure the sustainability of their great work, and we look forward to continuing our support in the years to come.”

— Nick Keller, Founder and President, Beyond Sport

Team Sponsors

Richard Barker

Doug Karp

Peggy Koenig

Bill & Sue O'Malley

David, Jeanette & Max Rosenblum

Bob & Karen Sommers

Jack & Anna Sommers

John & Cathy Sommers

Kenneth Sommers

Paul Sorensen

Sport Shake

Michael & Kathryn Stack


An Apple a Day Academy

Beyond Sport


East Bay Community Foundation

Football For Hope

Herrod Foundation

SAP Foundation

Wardle Family Foundation