Recycling in Rural Haiti

If you have ever been to Haiti then you probably have noticed all of the soda and water plastic bottles littering the environment in some areas.  Because there are not a lot of garbage collection or recycling centers in Haiti, a lot of those bottles usually end up on our beaches from having been washed up in our rivers.  Subsequently, they also end up in our seas causing environmental damage.   

To tackle this problem, GOALS recently teamed up with the Tropical Recycling Company to restart our recycling program.  That collaboration was arranged through our partnership with the Caribbean Bottling Company.

Starting at the beginning of July, GOALS received 10 large recycling bags that were placed on our different fields. Our kids have started recycling the plastic bottles that are littering their environment.  It is great to see them get involved and take an active interest in cleaning up their communities. To launch the program, GOALS started with a small contest between all the fields to see who can collect the most bottles.  The prize for the winning team will be a field trip to visit a museum in the capitol. Since many of our kids have never left rural Leogane this is a great opportunity to explore their country and culture.   

The benefits of this program are not only the obvious of cleaner spaces and increased volunteerism in the community but also potential for income producing activity through the sales of recycled materials.

Join us in our work to support strong communities in rural Haiti.