Mobilization GOALS

Destra teams warm up practice in Destra

Getting where we need to go takes vision and commitment. We have both of those but have found ourselves stuck in need of a new vehicle for GOALS. We physically are unable to reach our remote rural communities as our only vehicle broke down and is damaged beyond repair.  Can you help get us mobilized and back on the road!?

Due to a generous donor we have a match of up to 10k towards the purchase of a new (to us) vehicle. The investment will be a long-term asset for the organization allowing staff to work in our communities and transport donated gear and supplies where they are needed most. The kids that we work with count on us daily to provide a safe space they can show up to learn, play and grow. For many it is the only outlet where they can reach outside of the challenging subsistent living facing rural communities.    

There are no other organizations working in the areas we serve and a little support goes a long way. The donor putting up the matching funds said he knows of no other organization that does so much for so little. We are kicking off our fundraising campaign with the goal of raising 10K. Please consider donating online or by check and sharing our appeal. Together we are providing life changing opportunities that are creating healthier more stable communities in rural Haiti. Thank you for being a part of that change.


Kathy McAllister - Executive Director