Hurricane Matthew Update Part I

Rain and flooding from Hurricane Matthew in Leogane is severe. Many GOALS families have had homes destroyed and rising flood waters and storm surges are affecting our communities. Floods have devastated crops, washed away livestock and damaged most houses in Destra and Bossan; Carrefour Croix and Terrasonson are also flooded. Two GOALS communities remain completely inaccessible by road but our coaches there were able to send out a couple photos via WhatsApp. Fortunately, GOALS has a modest supply of food and cooking fuel prepared, which we'll keep trying to deliver to those who are stuck. If roads remain too flooded, we'll try to send a small boat to these communities tomorrow. Thankfully all our communities have working water filtration systems from GOALS and our partner Waves for Water to provide some clean drinking water but hunger will be our next big concern as tomorrow will be day three without food for many people. We are also grateful that the GOALS building in Destra withstood the hurricane unharmed and is sheltering many people with no where else to go.

Thank you for everyone offering to donate. We have set up a fundraising page here:
GOALS Hurricane Matthew Recovery and Relief Fund

Funds are needed immediately for: food, general sanitary supplies (soap, hand sanitizer), tools to remove mud and trees, and other small expenses such as gas and cooking fuel to prepare food. As you know, GOALS is a small, locally-led organization and we are limited as to the resources we have available.

We are also partnering to provide logistical and translation help with other large incoming aid groups, but we will need both immediate and long term support in order for our staff, children and families to recover. GOALS has been working in Leogane since 2010 and is dedicated to the long-term recovery and development of rural communities through local leadership and community engagement through sport. This will be another long, hard recovery process, but GOALS will be there every step of the way.

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