A GOALS Holiday Dream: 12 Days, 29 Students

This holiday season, our friends over at GiveGab have given GOALS a very special opportunity to raise $4000 in 12 days for our Dream Team School Scholarship fund. But let me back up just a minute.

In September, when it was time to send our students to school, we didn't quite have all of the funds in place to pay for tuition, uniforms, and book fees. But nonetheless, we committed to sending 29 students to school and paid the first of three tuition installments. We decided to make a leap of faith that we could, somehow or other, find enough funds when the next tuition installment became due in January. Now, we have 12 days to complete our commitment to these students.

12 days, 29 students. Help us make it happen.

Each one of our Dream Team scholarship students overcome so many struggles on a daily basis. Lidia's family lost their home and their small business in the earthquake and was never able to recover. Chronic malnourishment as a child has left Junia anemic and frequently ill. Bettina rides her bike to school even when the path is so muddy she's the only on on it, determined not to miss a day of class.

Despite these challenges, they each have big dreams for their futures and their country. Steevenson wants to be an engineer. Mirlene wants to run her own business.

They believe in their dreams, and we are committed to helping them achieve them. One way or another. Help us make it happen with a donation to our GiveGab Dream Team School Scholarship campaign, and give a child in Haiti a chance to achieve their dreams. 12 days left, 29 students. Can we do it?

Thank you, in advance, for believing in our children. They deserve it.