Meet Sarah!

Meet Sarah. Sarah, from France, joined GOALS as an intern in 2013, and was hired as our Program Manager in 2014. She has been doing an incredible job managing our literacy program!

"My first year at GOALS was a balance between office work and field work. I had busy weeks organizing field activities such as tournaments, mobile clinics, and deworming events, and also more quiet times planning in the office.

What I like the most about GOALS is using football as a tool for education. Progress and development come hand in hand with education - and GOALS players know it. I am happy to see the kids learning and sharing with the rest of their community, having fun playing soccer and becoming better for it.

This year, I had the chance to be a part of crowded mobile clinics, field trips and community service with our Dream Team students, I followed environment and health trainings along with our coaches, and so much more. I am particularly proud of the accomplishments of the literacy class students. They came to class with nothing and today are able to read and write just like their peers.

Sarah talks about our literacy class with a group of visitors.
Sarah's background in community health outreach and experience with monitoring and evaluation have helped GOALS grow even stronger in 2014.

GOALS gives kids a chance to explore their passion for football, while developing into a strong, united and educated youth. The work is challenging sometimes, but it’s great to see and be a part of so many accomplishments!"

Congratulations on your one year with GOALS, Sarah! Mesi anpil! Merci beaucoup!