GOALS' 2012 Annual Report Now Available

GOALS' 2012 Annual Report is now available, and it is better than ever! Thanks to volunteer Emily Van Tassel, this year's report brings you news of our work in Haiti like never before. 

View the 2012 Annual Report.

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,
There is a lot to love about the game of soccer. Children feeling pure joy when they kick the ball. Teenagers embracing the camaraderie and discipline of daily practice. Communities coming out in full to watch youth matches, which are followed as passionately as is the World Cup.

Most of all, I love that on the field, nothing matters more than determination, teamwork, and heart. The constant obstacles that youth in Haiti face due to poverty are silenced, however briefly, on the soccer field. For a time, they are able to enjoy being kids.

As Haiti continues to recover from the 2010 earthquake, these moments matter. Children see that they can succeed on the field if they put in time and effort. GOALS takes these same principles and applies them to education, community service, and leadership. Over time, we believe that this work will help shape a new generation of young leaders in Haiti. 

As Haiti marked its second anniversary of the 2010 earthquake and more organizations end their operations here, GOALS offers some of the only free, daily programs for youth available throughout the country. Even more unique, these programs are led by local leaders who are also focused on long-term, sustainable development in their communities.

Currently, over 600 children participate in our soccer, service, and education programs each month. We are wrapping up our second year of the Dream Team, which granted 23 scholarships to exceptional high school students. We hosted the second annual Vin Jwe! Tournament in Cité Soleil, which brought 12 teams together from around Haiti for a two-day competition.

Internally, our capacity to improve programs and monitor effectiveness has grown. We are exceedingly grateful that the number of supporters has tripled. Our players in Haiti have benefited from increased donations, equipment drives, and raised awareness about GOALS’ work.

Throughout a busy year, we have remained true to our values. We seek to work most closely with teenagers, who are old enough to rise to the rigorous expectations of our programs and take on responsibility. We work primarily in rural areas, where few or no other services of any kind are available, thus using our resources as effectively as possible. Through our outreach, we are able to bring entire communities out not only for soccer, but for public service as well. These are the core building blocks that set GOALS apart, and they keep getting stronger.

The incredible contributions from donors, volunteers, staff members, partners, and the Board of Directors have led to remarkable successes in two years. Your support, and the demand for GOALS throughout Haiti, show that we are on to something special. Thank you for your part in making this possible. As we look ahead, we will continue to work hard to improve our work, increase access to our programs, and spark long-term change in Haiti’s communities by starting from the ground up.

Kona Shen
Founder & Director