GOALS welcomes Sam Sezak to the Board of Directors

GOALS is pleased to announce that Sam Sezak has joined our Board of Directors! Sam comes to us with a wealth of business experience, and has been instrumental in helping GOALS grow and develop during the past year. Sam Sezak is a partner at Blue Heron Capital, a boutique PE group that invests in early stage, growth, and buy-out opportunities. He is actively involved with Blue Heron’s portfolio of companies including innRoad and CSA Medical. Prior to this, Sam served as portfolio manager for New Vantage Group a venture capital firm where he co-managed a portfolio of over $35 million and 35 early stage companies. In addition, Sam has lectured and consulted around the world on the topic of angel investing.  Prior to joining New Vantage Group, Sam worked for Merrill Lynch’s Global Markets and Investment Banking Division.

Sam spent several years in Ukraine and in Poland, first as a US Peace Corps Volunteer and then as a Consultant, where he advised foreign investors looking to enter the marketplace, co-managed a European-funded tourism development project, developed and delivered customer service training programs for hotel and restaurant managers, and worked with government officials and local entrepreneurs to organize multiple marketing cooperatives. In addition to serving on the GOALS Board of Directors, he is an advisor to Agora Partnerships, a non-profit committed to supporting entrepreneurs in Central America. Sam holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Cornell School of Hospitality Management and a Masters of Business from Georgetown University.