Ed and Kathlene are getting married!

Ed and Kathlene

Ed and Kathlene are getting married, and we couldn’t be happier for them! Who are Ed and Kathleen and what do they have to do with GOALS Haiti? Instead of a traditional wedding registry for their beachside wedding next month, Ed and Kathlene, of Santa Monica, California have decided that they’d prefer to help bring soccer (football, if you’re not American) and development projects to improve the lives of kids living in poverty in Haiti. Guests have been asked to forego buying punch bowls and toaster ovens and instead make a donation in their name to support the important work of GOALS Haiti. Who needs a toaster oven or a punch bowl anyways?

Their timing couldn’t be more perfect. With summer just around the corner, GOALS is prepping for this year’s summer camp, which gives us the opportunity to engage with new kids, and to bring real improvements to communities that need it most. Our goal is to raise enough money to send 250 kids to camp this summer. At camp, kids play soccer, learn about the environment, how to keep themselves healthy, and get a nutritious hot meal.

Of course, you don’t have to be getting married in order to support GOALS programs. As a small organization, a donation of any size will make a meaningful impact.

Ed and Kathlene aren’t telling where they’re going to spend their honeymoon, but I know if they ever wanted to come to Haiti, these kids would be happy to see them.

GOALS kids get a hot meal every day at camp

On behalf of all these kids, thanks for thinking of us, Ed and Kathleen (and for letting us share your amazing story on our blog)! We wish you the best on your special day!