A little bit can go a long way.



wish list


We count on donated gear to provide the opportunity for our kids to play, learn and grow. Share that chance with kids in rural haiti. Here is our current wish list:



- New or lightly used Digital camera
- New or lightly used laptop

Soccer gear

- Cleats sizes 3 or higher, but we urgently need cleats 7 or higher
- Soccer shirts (all sizes & could be set of uniforms)
- Soccer goalie shirts (all sizes)
- Soccer shorts (all sizes & could be set of uniforms)
- Soccer socks
- Soccer goalie gloves
- Girls sport bras
- Soccer balls (Size 3, 4 and 5 but mostly 5s)
- Water bottles
- Cones and discs
- Portable soccer goals (aka Puggs) 
- Scrimmage vests (aka Pinnies)
- Whistles
- Soccer Packs and Soccer Backpacks
- Shinguards
- Trophies or medals (Not urgent but needed for when we have tournaments)
- Tennis balls ( Not urgent but help players with practicing their skills)

We do not accept:
- Dirty, torn, or unusable apparel, gear, equipment, materials, etc.
- Baseball or American Football cleats. 
- Clothing unsuitable for sports activities or cooler climates, such as jeans, tank tops, cotton t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

Thank you for your support!

Men anpil chay pa lou - Haitian Proverb - With many hands the load is less heavy

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