We count on donated gear to provide the opportunity for our kids to play, learn and grow. Share that chance with kids in rural Haiti. 




- New or lightly used Digital camera
- New or lightly used laptop


Soccer gear

- Cleats sizes 3 or higher, but we urgently need cleats 7 or higher
- Soccer shirts (all sizes & could be set of uniforms)
- Soccer goalie shirts (all sizes)
- Soccer shorts (all sizes & could be set of uniforms)
- Soccer socks
- Soccer goalie gloves
- Girls sport bras
- Soccer balls (Size 3, 4 and 5 but mostly 5s)
- Water bottles
- Cones and discs
- Portable soccer goals (aka Puggs) 
- Scrimmage vests (aka Pinnies)
- Whistles
- Soccer Packs and Soccer Backpacks
- Shinguards
- Trophies or medals (Not urgent but needed for when we have tournaments)
- Tennis balls ( Not urgent but help players with practicing their skills)


We do not accept

- Dirty, torn, or unusable apparel, gear, equipment, materials, etc.
- Baseball or American Football cleats. 
- Clothing unsuitable for sports activities or cooler climates, such as jeans, tank tops, cotton t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.


Thank you for your support!

Men anpil chay pa lou
- Haitian Proverb

With many hands the load is less heavy

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