the third half


We are launching our partnership with The Third Half for travel opportunities in rural Haiti. 

Sport has the power to change the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced player or you never kicked a ball in your life. Our experiences use soccer as an immersive tool to help you interact with and understand your local hosts.

Your trip will be hosted by GOALS Haiti. For many kids in Haiti, GOALS provides their very first opportunity to play soccer in a structured and safe environment. Soccer is used not only to enhance physical health and promote a positive personal attitude, but GOALS Haiti also uses it to raise awareness about health, nutrition, sanitation, gender equality and education.

You’ll work with GOALS coaches to help deliver education and soccer programs to local youth.

This destination offers a range of soccer experiences and we have the ability to customize your program to create the best fit for your group.

This destination is well suited for players from beginner to intermediate.

Soccer experiences available at this destination include*:

  • Tour of the National Soccer Stadium

  • Participate in GOALS education and soccer programming in various communities

  • Friendly matches against local teams

  • Pickup soccer with local youth from Légoãne

  • Attend a local professional soccer match (subject to availability and additional cost)

  • Compete in or organize a day-long soccer tournament for ages u8 to u20

  • Coach local kids in rural settings

  • Deliver a soccer session in a local orphanage

If interested in registering and learning more contact The Third Half.