Leadership Team


James Louis-Charles

country director

James holds an MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport from United Nations University for Peace and the International University of Monaco. James comes to GOALS as a Haitian-American mid-career professional who has long held a dream of returning to his home country to help youth develop through sport.  As a licensed coach James says “I’m a strong believer in training our coaches to provide specific training for social issues such as gender equality and to have the strongest impact possible on our kids. Discipline, goal-setting and all social messages start with our coaches, who are role models in their communities".



Kathy McAllister

executive director

Kathy is passionate about grassroots community development and has dedicated the last 15 years to doing that in Haiti. As a fluent Haitian Creole speaker she first came to Haiti as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2002 and then started her own non profit Sustainable Haiti in 2003. Kathy has a background in nonprofit management, development and is a graduate from the University of WA. Learn more about Kathy here.



Emilio Jean Paul

regional coordinator

Emilio is an experienced soccer player and coach who has been with GOALS since 2010. He is a skilled manager, public speaker and communicator who leads staff trainings and meetings. Emilio acts as a logistician, program and staff manager and an advocate for all of GOALS’ communities and youth. As a testament to his talent for managing people and passion for working with youth, Emilio personally knows every single one of GOALS hundreds of participants.



Jean Kendy Estimphil

regional coordinator

Jean Kendy is a fluent English speaker from Leogane and has a university degree in management. Before joining GOALS, Jean Kendy gained experience volunteering for several NGOs in Haiti where he organized post-disaster camps, taught Haitian Creole to foreign aid workers, led hygiene promotion teams and organized scholarship programs. At GOALS, he helps with ongoing monitoring and evaluation, program administration, and staff and financial management.



Francesca Cassius

Administrative Assitant

Francesca first came to GOALS in 2010 as a young player on our Destra team.  Now at 22 she has joined our staff in a newly created position as part time administrative assistant. After graduating the GOALS program, Francesca took it upon herself to continue her education and most recently, took computer classes. Her skills with Office software and her can-do attitude prompted us to hire her.


Coaching Staff 



Elbrane Rene started with GOALS in 2010 and has been coaching the boys’ team since then. 

Nadege Exilhomme is one of GOALS’ first coaches who started with our first site. She used to coach both the little boys and girls, but now only coaches the little boys’ team. Nadege has won awards from Digicel and the YMCA for her work on motivating kids.

Rose Mirlande Romulus is a former GOALS student and team member from Destra.  She was one of the first recipients of the Dream Team school scholarship program. Now she coaches the little girls’ team.

Jerson Jean Paul started with GOALS in 2010 and has been coaching the girls’ team since then. 



Carrefour Croix

Rubens Sainvilus started coaching at CFC in 2015.  He is a former GOALS team member and he now coaches the little boys’ team. 

Walker Rosemond started coaching in Bossan in 2013 where he coached the older boys’ team.  He is a former professional player, and he is the most experienced of our coaches.  He has his soccer license level 1 and 2 from the Haitian Soccer Federation. He now coaches the older boys’ team at CFC.

Occelan Guilson started coaching in Terrasonson in 2014, when he was the older boys coach.  He now coaches the little girls’ team at CFC. 

Brucelee Cadelien started in 2011 when GOALS opened in CFC.  He started coaching the boys’ team, but now coaches the girls. Brucelee played professionally in Haiti.  




Valon Liguerson started coaching the little boys’ team in 2012.  He is also the coordinator for the Bossan teams. 

Marie Flore Charles is a former professional soccer player.  She started coaching the little girls’ team in 2015.

Dyna Wagnac is a former professional soccer player who played for the Haiti national team.  She started coaching the older girls’ team in 2014 at TSS.  She now coaches the older girls’ team in Bossan.  She has her soccer license level 1 from the Haitian Soccer Federation.

Yves Mildaire Hilaire is a former professional soccer player who started coaching the older boys’ team in 2016 at TSS.

Junior Alexandre is a former GOALS team member.  He started coaching the older girls’ team and he now coaches the older boys’ team.