Soccer is the heart of our programs.



At GOALS, our kids are provided the coaching, equipment, food, and water plus the mentoring and team support needed to practice and play competitively. Founded in 2010 in the remote village of Destra our programs have been replicated in three different villages near the town of Léogane. Approx 350 boys and girls (ages 7 – 18) participate on a daily basis, and outreach to players families, schools and other soccer clubs impacts an additional estimated 7,000 people. In order for soccer teams to join GOALS, each community must support both girls’ and boys’ participation in equal numbers advancing gender equality.


Our impact in numbers

  • GOALS kids played in 99 soccer matches, including two girls' tournaments.
  • 35 GOALS coaches and youth leaders spent 40 hours learning how to use soccer for social development, focusing on self-directed learning.
  • 92% of GOALS participants had never participated in any kind of sports before joining GOALS.
  • 18 (15 girls & 3 boys) GOALS players were recruited to train with the Haiti national U-17 and U-15 teams.


Our Teams

Each of our sites has 4 teams (girls, boys, younger girls, younger boys) consisting of 25 players on each team. 



Our original site in Destra is our strongest site and a role model for our other sites. Destra is a particularly remote fishing village supported by subsistence farming (mostly sugar cane) with no cars in the village, the nearest paved road is a 30-minute walk. There is very little commerce and no jobs, no schools, clinics, markets or churches. It is GOALS’ most impoverished community. There has never been any electricity or running water; GOALS built the village’s first latrine in 2010.

The community was cut off for a few days after the passage of Hurricane Matthew this past fall because of rising water in the rivers; the GOALS staff had to deliver food and water by boat as a result. A lot of people lost livestock and agriculture because of the passage of Hurricane Matthew. We have partnered with the Building for Good Foundation to rebuild destroyed houses and have earmarked 100 families to benefit from this multi-year project. Destra is one of two places that where the literacy program is taking place because it is remotely located and is therefore difficult for some kids to go to school.



GOALS began working in Carrefour Croix (CFC) in 2011. CFC is located along a drainage canal, the area floods easily after a hard rain and was particularly hard hit after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and again in 2016 by Hurricane Matthew. Many of the community members lost livestock and agriculture from the flooding. Some of the GOALS’ kids lost their uniforms, along with their school and soccer materials. Located relatively close to a paved road, Carrefour Croix is the least rural of GOALS’ communities, yet it still lacks any basic infrastructure, including electricity and running water. Youth-selected team motto: “Let’s play for victory in the spirit of fair play”



Started in 2011 and located along the coast and recognized because of the mountain of conch shell at the entrance of the field. Conch is a major economic revenue for this small coastal village. Bossan was cut off during Hurricane Matthew last fall because of rising waters in the river. GOALS staff had to deliver much needed emergency food and water by boat as a result. A lot of the community members lost livestock and agriculture because of Hurricane Matthew. Some of the GOALS’ kids also lost school materials along with soccer equipment.