Coaches Across ContinentS

GOALS was introduced to CAC through Beyond Sport and we’ve partnered ever since 2012. 

Our coaches use the CAC curriculum daily and CAC brings a team to our sites in rural Haiti annually to work with our coaches. It has been an important partnership. Our values and mission align as the guiding principles of Coaches Across Continents’ theory of change matches ours.

That development should be from the bottom up, inside out and based on building community capacity. Change is fostered from within by empowering local partners to question previously taken for granted cultural certainties, challenge damaging local traditions and make responsible choices for their future. The Coaches Across Continents curriculum is structured to create Self-Directed Learners who have the capacity to identify, analyze and address local concerns and to see the world in a fundamentally different way.

"With all the complex factors presenting obstacles to Haiti's development - now and throughout recent history - locally-run and innovative organizations like GOALS Haiti feel essential to the country's next steps."

— Nora Dooley, Coach Advisory Team, Coaches Across Continents

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