Building Goodness Foundation

We are pleased to partner with the Building Goodness Foundation to support construction projects in the village of Destra.

Our partnership started in 2013 through talks on how we could collaborate for a community center in our community of Destra. We worked on design in 2013, 2015 construction commenced in August of 2015 and was completed in March of 2016. It was a great collaborative effort between GOALS, BGF and the local community. Using locally sourced materials and labor along with the BGF team. 

The community center has been used to host our literacy classes, medical clinics, community meetings and as a shelter during storms. 

"The community was very supportive of the project and partnership. At BGF, we recognize that a part of our role in that community is a small economic stimulus. And though we can't give every person a job, there were still a number of community members who participated in the project in whatever capacity that they could. "One of the things that stood out about this project was that there wasn't a need to build a security fence around site, which is necessary on other projects. We didn't have to build a fence because we had full support from the community. The greatest security for the project was the community. The community really owned the project from the start."

— Curtis Hoffman, Field Manager BGF

Because of the success from the community center project we embarked on a new collaboration to rebuild 100 homes in Destra that were destroyed due to hurricane Matthew. These 3 year project got underway in early 2017 and has built 30 homes so far with a targeted completion date in 2019.