Our Young Ambassadors are youth who have stepped up to share their love of the game by supporting our programs and
kids in rural Haiti. 



Join our team of young leaders who have stepped up to share their love of soccer with kids in rural Haiti. You can become a GOALS Haiti Ambassador and make a difference by spreading awareness about what we do, collecting gear and raising funds to make our programs possible.

By becoming a part of GOALS Haiti Ambassador Program, you can support our kids by raising awareness about our work, holding an equipment drive, or hosting a fundraiser. Our Ambassadors get creative in their efforts. Examples have included a mini soccer tournament, pop up store, bake sale and auction just to name a few.

We can provide you with ideas and guidance to make sure you reach your target for a successful event.

Other GOALS Ambassadors can be available to provide support and guidance as they have turned their ideas into successful action. We will also provide you with tools and resources to help you make an even bigger difference by motivating your friends, peers, and the community around you to join your efforts!

If you are interested in joining our team reach out to us at contact@goalshaiti.org to start getting involved. We would love to hear from you and have you as part of our team.



Please note that our Ambassador Program is for youth aged 22 and younger who commit to raising $500 or more in donated soccer gear or raised funds. Youth that achieve this will receive a certificate from us and be able to have that as part of their resume builder. But most importantly they will be giving back, providing hope, and a positive way for youth in rural Haiti to improve their lives. We also want to share that story, so we love to have our Ambassadors write a guest blog post for us sharing their experience.

For those supporters over age 23 we still need your efforts also! You can still raise awareness, plan an event or fundraiser. We would be happy to help you organize that. Interested in maximizing your impact? Ask your employer about any matching opportunities!



Are you interested in working with a strong partner to leverage your corporate social responsibility and help others give back and increase their impact? You can support our Ambassador’s amazing efforts by becoming a philanthropic funding partner. You’ll be supporting GOALS Haiti’ Programs while also motivating people to put their energy into meaningful civic action opportunities. For more details, contact Kathy McAllister at kmcallister@goalshaiti.org.  



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