"With all the complex factors presenting obstacles to Haiti's development - now and throughout recent history - locally-run and innovative organizations like GOALS Haiti feel essential to the country's next steps."

— NORA DOOLEY, Coach Advisory Team, Coaches Across Continents 



Current Partners


Coaches Across ContinentS

GOALS was introduced to CAC through Beyond Sport and we’ve partnered since 2012 to bring their training and curriculum to our sites.

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Building Goodness Foundation

We are pleased to partner with the Building Goodness Foundation to support construction projects in the village of Destra.

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Streetfootballworld Network

We are a proud member of the streetfootballworld network, which supports organizations worldwide that use football as a tool to empower disadvantaged young people by engaging private and public partners to create social change.

the third half

We are partnering with The Third Half with the opportunity for youth groups to come to Haiti and play soccer with our kids, tour the local area and learn about the rich culture in an unique immersion trip. 

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Feed My Starving Children

Thank you to FMSC for donating nutritional support for our programs.


Past Partners


Child Survival Fund

The Child Survival Fund supported our Dream Team Scholarship Program which provides scholarships and intensive leadership training for 27 young adults.

The Viola Foundation

The Voila Foundation supported GOALS’ educational activities, which you can read more about here.

Waves of Water

Waves for Water provided clean drinking water to our thirsty players with Nike’s Game Changer kits. For more information on this collaboration read our blog post Play Soccer, Drink Clean Water.


BoulderShares is a Colorado organization led by Leslie Sosnowski that has helped coordinate support from Boulder County Force, American Airlines, and Crocs to benefit GOALS players and communities.

Foutbol pou Lavi

Foutbol pou Lavi was created by Mercy Corps and Partners In Health. It trained senior GOALS staff and alumni to educate youth and communities about preventing HIV/AIDS.

The Delaney Bay Fund

The Delaney Bay Fund donated professional medical care to our players and staff at their Klinik Kominote, and provided advice to guide our health programs and public seminars.